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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Village to Village Movement? 

The Village to Village Movement is a national, not-for-profit, membership organization supporting senior citizens who desire to remain in their home and “age-in-place”. “Age-in-place” is the term used to describe the ability for a senior citizen to live independently, safely and comfortably, while remaining in their home. Individual “Villages” are locally developed and often operate within a specific neighborhood or community. Jersey Village Senior Outreach (JVSO) is member of the Village to Village movement, serving the City of Jersey Village, Texas. 

The Village to Village Movement (V to V) is funded through memberships and donations. The V to V Movement objective is to provide their members a supportive network of services including, but not limited to, assistance with transportation, light housekeeping, educational programs, social and community engagement activities as well as additional resources crucial to staying engaged and aging independently. 

Who is eligible to join? 

JVSO is open to any resident of the city of Jersey Village, Texas. Must be age 55 years or older. 

I am in great health and middle-aged. What is my incentive to join? 

We believe that chronological age is just a number and welcome the personal growth that comes from multi-generational interactions and connections. Our mission is to enhance the lifestyle of all members; we offer opportunities to work with staff to design programs, interest groups, and social events that are meaningful for you today knowing that they will be available and continue to enrich your life tomorrow.

In addition, at any age, changes in health can be both sudden and dramatic. By becoming an active member of JVSO today, you will have in place a trusted, familiar community that you can rely on to help you deal with an illness or recovery from surgery.

What does it cost to join JVSO? 

Membership fees for JVSO are currently $50 per year, per person. 

How does JVSO determine the activities and events offered to its members? 

Jersey Village community residents were recently surveyed in order to best determine their wants and needs; specifically for those residents age 55 years and older. The results of the survey revealed most senior residents want and need community support with educational and wellness programs as well as personal assistive services and community social activities. Periodically, JVSO members are asked for activity suggestions. These suggestions are given full consideration in planning programs while developing the JVSO Annual Events Calendar. 

What if I'm interested in becoming a Volunteer? 

JSVO is an all-volunteer organization. Volunteers are unpaid and remain the lifeblood of the Village movement. JVSO needs and welcomes those who are interested in volunteering by giving their time and sharing their talents with JVSO members. JVSO members may also participate as volunteers. A volunteer may live outside the City of Jersey Village, Texas, be at least 18 years old and complete a volunteer application. Volunteers are vetted and, once approved, complete a short orientation process. If you're interested in volunteering, click on Volunteer Application.

How can I support JVSO

To financially support JVSO, send a tax-deductible contribution by clicking HERE

Or, Mail check payable to:
Jersey Village Outreach Corp. 
P.O. Box 40763 
Houston, Texas 77240 

Questions: Call 832-680-5158


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